Let the Little children come!

A safe place for your children to be loved, have fun, and learn about God's love for them


Nursery for our littlest ones:

We offer full nursery care for children from infant to 3 years old which is provided from the beginning of service, all the way through our Sunday school time. The nursery, like all of our ministries is staffed by our loving volunteers.


FBC Kidz Children's Church: 

FBC Kidz is our children’s worship service for ages 3 through 5th grade with separate classes for 3 through kindergarten meeting in a smaller classroom while "big kids" 1st grade through 5th meet in our "big room" the fellowship hall. During FBC Kidz, they are provided a fun video-based lesson, hands on activities such as crafts, games and even snacks. These activities are meant to help develop their social, physical, and spiritual growth among other children.  Each week each child has the opportunity to earn points towards the prize table. They can earn points for bringing a bible (if they need one, we give them one), memorizing a bible verse, brining any offering (usually some change), bringing a friend, and of course just for being there.

Health and Safety: 

When you check in your child for FBC Kidz or drop off your child in the nursery, you will be asked to provide some information. We will ask for contact phone numbers, allergies, and if there are any other "special" things to know about your child so we can ensure their safety and learning.


Toys and items in the nursery are wiped down with disinfectant after they are played with and the whole nursery is sanitized regularly to help keep your little ones healthy.


Each and every volunteer that works with the children in the nursey, FBC Kidz, or youth must pass a background background check before being allowed to have contact with your child. 





Child Check-in 

Security is important to us and, part of ensuring your child's safety is to have them checked into our church management system. When you register your child for check-in you have the opportunity to provide information such as name, birthdate, as well as other important aspects like allergies. This information is stored and some of it is printed on a sticker that gets "stuck" to the child, and the receipt is given to the parent/guardian that brought them. 


Once the service is over the parent/guardian can go to receive their children. No child will be allowed to leave until the adult with the check-in receipt comes to get them. 


You can actually register your child and even check them in before you arrive at the building to make it easier for when you arrive. All you need to do is click the button below and follow the instructions. If you would rather wait until you arrive at the church, no problem, one of our friendly volunteers will help you out.


Child Check-in

(Check-in link currently not active)